Custom Tulsa State Fair Home delivered to Fort Townsen, OK

Custom Floorplan Home at Fort Townsen, OK
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Helping a Customer in Fort Townsen

I am so excited to have the privilege of assisting a customer with their Tulsa State Fair Home delivered by Lifeway Homes to Fort Townsen, OK. It always thrills my heart to see a home come together. I have helped design and decorated all the Lifeway State Fair Homes. So, when this customer requested my assistance, I jumped at the chance to help with the deco.

What they added to their home

The customers added all the features I love in a home. Including a half stacked stone fireplace in the den so their family can curl up by a fire for cozy TV time. One feature I always like to see in the “State Fair Homes” is the ability to have a deck. Therefore, the French Doors they added to the dining room will be perfect for quick access to their beautiful backyard. Of course, they didn’t stop there. The final touch was the “Pacific Mable Charcoal Brown” wood grain lino flooring throughout the home. The barn wood look this flooring adds to a home, is incredible.

Farmhouse Design

This home has a beautiful farmhouse design with a white vinyl exterior, black 30-year architectural shingles, and corrugated steel awnings on the front windows. Next, they chose Legacy Shaker Ivory White cabinets with a beautiful “Southernleigh Hop” marbled gray and black ceramic backsplash to stylize their kitchen. The backsplash complements their “exclusive” special-ordered black countertops. The customer was delighted to add stainless steel appliances to her open floor plan kitchen that included a built-in stainless microwave and French door refrigerator.

Wow House Farmhouse Exterior by Lifeway Homes

Consequently, the wow factor will be fantastic when you enter this home with its light gray tape and textures walls and gray interior decorator designed drapes. 

I was able to help the wife accent her home with décor furniture pieces that include a gray sectional for the den and white couches with blue accent chairs for the living room. The wife picked out a great bedroom furniture set to play-off her purple/gray bedroom décor.  

I love the farmhouse look they have achieved and look forward to helping the next “Tulsa State Fair Home” house buyer.

Check out other farmhouse designed homes at Lifeway Homes’ Pinterest page. Don’t forget to follow us. I will be adding lots of information as I plan the 2020 Tulsa State Fair Home for Lifeway Homes.

Brenda Harrison

Lifeway Homes Administration

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