Find The Perfect Home

We have an endless selection of homes so finding the perfect home for your family will be easy at Lifeway Homes.  We have several styles of homes that include Tiny Homes at 399 Sq. ft., Manufactured homes as large as 3000+ Sq. Ft., and two-story Modular Homes.  It can be a little daunting to figure it all out because we have so many different floorplans and more than three different manufacturers.  Therefore, we are here to help find the one perfect for your family.  Besides, who wants to look at tons of homes that won't work for your location or your housing needs?

Our Staff can help you narrow down the best homes, with a few answers to some brief questions. Then, we can contact you with a list of the homes that we feel would meet your needs and get you started toward your end goal, to find the perfect home for your family.