The Flex Modular Home in Catoosa

Farmhouse Modular Home in Catoosa

Lifeway and the Pettite Family had an exciting Saint Patrick’s Day in 2023 with the setup of their customized Flex Off-Frame Modular Home built by Commodore Homes in Catoosa.

The Pettite Family customized their Flex Modular Home with a range of cool features that suit their lifestyle and preferences. The open floor plan design allows for easy movement and spaciousness, while the second kitchen provides privacy for meal preparation.

The large master bedroom with a walk-in closet provides ample space for storage and relaxation.

The Flex Modular Home by Commodore Homes in Catoosa is a top-of-the-line home that is customizable to meet the needs and preferences of every homeowner. With a range of features and options, this modular home is sure to impress and meet the needs of any family.

The interior choice the Pettits made add to the value of this home those choices include linoleum throughout the home. French Contry White Mission Cabinets with Serrania Counter tops. French country interior trim package was also added to the home.

Stainless steel appliances were installed in the farmhouse kitchen, including an over-the-range microwave for added convenience. The overall design and style of the interior perfectly complement the modern and sleek exterior of the home, creating a cohesive and harmonious look throughout the entire home.

These customizations made by the Pettite Family add value and functionality to their Flex Off-Frame Modular Home, making it a perfect fit for their lifestyle and needs. With the flexibility and customization options available, this modular home is a great choice for any homeowner looking for a high-quality and customizable home.

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