Oneighty Modular Home Setup in Keifer OK

The Oneighty modular home setup started today in Keifer, OK. The Lifeway service crew was all hands on deck for the setup. Including, Mike Harrison the owner. Check out his video here: Oneighty Mod Set Video

Customer trades Modular Home for the “Oneighty”

“I was thrilled to work with the Hudson’s to get their new home,” says Fred Setzer a project coordinator for Lifeway Homes. The couple had an older modular home they wanted to trade-in. We were able to get them into a 2,400 sq. ft. modular home from our partner manufacturer, Sunshine Homes. “This couple was a pleasure to work with,” says Fred.

The versatility of the “Oneighty”

The “Oneighty” is one of the most versatile homes we have on the lot. The home was designed so the front door entry can be on either side of the home. There are four different ways you can have the roof pitch: 4/12, 6/12, 7/12 or 9/12. You can have three bedrooms to five bedrooms for your family. The homeowner gets to design the exterior and interior in a variety of ways. At Lifeway Homes can customize your home project by adding porches, garages, shops, and basements.

How did the Hudson’s customized their home? First, the Hudson’s turned the Oneighty around so their front door entry was in the living room. Therefore, the entrance to their home and the large living room windows look out over their land. Then they changed the backdoor to atrium doors and added a half bath for their quests. They left some of the original features in the “Oneighty” . Including the center beamed vaulted kitchen and the tray ceiling in the master bedroom.

Lifeway Crew Installing Modular Home

The Lifeway Crew enjoyed having fun on this cold but finally not wet day. Check them out here: Pallett Surfing Lifeway Homes is one of the few manufactured home dealerships that have a crew dedicated to modular home setups. The “Oneighty” modular home setup in Keifer, OK will have a dedicated crew on location for the day. The setup process includes setting the home on the stem wall and the roof lifted into place. It is quite a process to watch. Check out a video of a home setup here:

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