Beach House

Beach House Engineered to Hud or IRC (Mod) Code

The Beach House is 32 feet wide by 64 feet long with 1800 Square Feet of space. The house is a closed off floor plan yet, it seems like an open one with the space. You can add up to 20 feet more in length which is 600 Square Feet more. The light colors, white all wood cabinets, and reverse wainscot give it a beach house feel. This home has 2 master closets. The tiled shower and large tub look great. A pot-filler on the wall by the stove make it an ease to fill your pots and pans. Also, the white wood barn door in front of the wash room slides back and forth with ease. Feel close to those with you cause of the light walls as well as the lay out.

Pick 3, 4, or 5 Bed Rooms. 2, 2&1/2, and 3 Bath Rooms

We have a spec sheet of things we can add or take away to do up this home for you. Some add length, while some love the size of the one on our lot, you get to choose of course. All in all, fit this house to your needs and goals cause it can make your dream real. Also, know you can fix this home how you like and get it fast.

Ask for the Beach House To Be Created As A Modular:

Change the Beach House to a mod. Lose the tag and title, and most of all, earn more cash when you sell the house down the road. Pay mod price which is less than stick built. We don’t use nails, we glue and screw it all. We put a board on the back side of our sheet rock, then it stays safe from cracks. Sell it as much as if not more than most stick built rates cause it’s built to the same code. One big thing that makes us stand out from those who sell Mod homes, is we take our mods off frame and don’t leave it on frame which would hurt your sell price. The wire is all 12/2 Gauge and not the 14/4 Gauge wire like most homes you’ll find. This means thick safe wire on our homes.


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