The-Tulsan-Floorplan@ Lifeway-Homes

The-Tulsan-Floorplan@ Lifeway-Homes

Tulsan Real-Estate Option: Manufactured to Hud or IRC (Mod) Code

The Tulsan Real-Estate option comes in more than one plan. Each floor plan for this house can grow by 4 foot in length. This large 4 bed 3 bath home has a well planned lay out that seems like the best group choice. 2,178 square feet of space on our lot home which is 32 feet wide by 72 feet long. Add one more den or bed room, since you can have it built with more length. This home has a tray at the top of the den where the fan hangs. The bath room looks great with a spa in addition to the free stand tub. The pantry has french barn doors that give off a nice look. This home is lit up due to all the glass.

Get in 3, 4, or 5 Bed Rooms. 2, 2&1/2, or 3 Bath Rooms. Add 2nd Den &/or Study

We have a list of things to take out or add so you can make this home yours. This home has stain-less steel, canned LED lights, and a built in TV stand. Fit the Tulsan home to your needs cause it will meet them. You will like what you see same as all our homes. Add on a den so the kids can have a place to go. This home will last a long time so long as you take care of it. We don’t nail it all, we glue and screw it all. You can see it here on line, yet, you must see it for real to know how nice it is!

Mod Home:

Change the Tulsan Real-Estate option to a mod. Earn more cash when you sell down the road and most of all, lose the tag and title. Pay less than stick built. Sell it as much as if not more than most stick built rates cause it’s built to the same code. One big thing that makes us stand out from those who sell Mod homes, is we take our mods off frame and don’t leave it on frame which would hurt your sell price. The wire is all 12/2 Gauge and not the 14/4 Gauge wire like most homes you’ll find. This means thick and safe wire on our homes. We place our Mods on a Concrete Stem Wall yet, can put the wall in the ground where it’s flush. Choose brick or rock on the home and as a result, get a look you’ll love.


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