The Limited #8

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Big Apple Floorplan

Big Apple Floorplan at Lifeway Homes

The Limited #8 Modular Home at Lifeway Homes

We are proud to offer the Limited #8 Modular Home at Lifeway Homes.

Details about the Limited #8 Modular Home

Exterior Features

This home has great curb appeal with a gray vinyl exterior with white vertical siding and clay vinyl accents.  The home comes with a standard 7/12 pitch roof.  Of course, the home can be customized to your particular style of exterior.

Interior Features

The Limited #8 is a 1,800+ square foot home that offers a great interior for a family.  With 2 living areas, a large pantry, and a mudroom.  You have all the comforts you can imagine at a great price.   The large family room is 14×16 with an alcove for an entertainment center or large fireplace.  The mud-room/laundry room has a side entrance perfect for a garage entry.  The extra large 2nd bedroom has 2 closets and plenty of light if you want more of a studio for a home office.

Customization of The Limited #8

You can customize this house in so many ways. It’s hard to get them all listed for you.  However, let us ask.  Do you want a different decor? Maybe a little less cabin and a little more farmhouse.  Not a problem, change the cabinets, wall color, and let us customize the exterior.  Do you want additional living space or maybe an attic space?  We can do that also, with a small customization stair can be added to the home to access the attic upstairs, or if you want more living space change the home roof pitch from 7/12 to a  roof pitch of 9/12.  Do you want to go over the top with a modular home on a basement.  Yes, we can do that too.

Check out all the ways to change a Commodore of Indiana home with their “Inhouse Experience” Module.  Here is the link for you: