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3D “272” Tulsa Fair Home

272 3 Bedroom 2 Bath

The Sunnyside¬†3 Bedroom Manufactured Home is the short version of our top-selling home, the “Tulsa State Fair” home which makes it a very great home for a family only wanting one living area.

At 1,920 square feet, the space is abundant in this home. It is available as a mobile or modular home.

As you walk through the front door, you immediately notice the kitchen. With a beautiful backsplash and elegant cabinets, the kitchen combines openness and conventional style.

The large island is a dominating feature with storage and room to seat several people. In fact, despite its size, it does not crowd the room or take away from the open floor plan.

The dining room sits to the left of the kitchen and is accented by a built-in hutch.

The master suite indeed earns its title. The room is expansive and features a spacious bathroom and copious amounts of storage in a grand walk-in closet.

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